Sunday, June 7, 2009

Spring Updates

How is it already June? This past spring has been busy busy busy. With 4 trips to MD in about 5 weeks, I am ready to be home for a bit...of course that won't be the case.

This past spring has been rather productive for little old Copper Chameleon. With a handful of successful Jewelry Trunk Shows, an awesome fashion show in Philly, and a new business connection with a fabulous starting out company, Be Mom Couture - which I will be updating on as that journey progresses.
I am hoping to receive a video/recording of the Jewelry in Motion Fashion Show that was held at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, but have not yet, when I do I will definitely share!
I have a few photos I will post. Its was such a great experience, definitely inspiring me to move even more in the "runway fashion" direction. Modeling my work is my good friend Adrienne (aka Ace). Sharon Massey, another great friend, is modeling her amazing Elizabethan style collar.