Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Elm Street Window Contest

A group of Lyndon Street Artists have been working ourselves crazy on this "Whiskey Tango" window display.
It is made up of aluminum sheet and un-recyclable white painted trash. Ironically most of what you will see in there are very recognizable items, potentially wasted gifts like toys, tech gear, tools, sports equipment and more. This display playfully touches on our habits of relentless consumerism...especially around the holidays.

So shop purposefully, or at least if your unused items can't be recycled then re-purpose them. Whether it be to donate or even turn them into art. Better yet don't buy it in the first place. Instead visit Lyndon Street Artworks and buy art, not trash.

FYI all the trash will be reused by a resident artist...no wasting here!

The display can be seen on Elm Street in the Kress Building storefront window.

Lyndon Street Artworks will be in the Kress building during Festival of Lights, December 4th. Come see local artwork and enjoy live music and more! 4-9pm on the First Friday in December!