Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Elm Street Window Contest

A group of Lyndon Street Artists have been working ourselves crazy on this "Whiskey Tango" window display.
It is made up of aluminum sheet and un-recyclable white painted trash. Ironically most of what you will see in there are very recognizable items, potentially wasted gifts like toys, tech gear, tools, sports equipment and more. This display playfully touches on our habits of relentless consumerism...especially around the holidays.

So shop purposefully, or at least if your unused items can't be recycled then re-purpose them. Whether it be to donate or even turn them into art. Better yet don't buy it in the first place. Instead visit Lyndon Street Artworks and buy art, not trash.

FYI all the trash will be reused by a resident wasting here!

The display can be seen on Elm Street in the Kress Building storefront window.

Lyndon Street Artworks will be in the Kress building during Festival of Lights, December 4th. Come see local artwork and enjoy live music and more! 4-9pm on the First Friday in December!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fun with Grosgrain Ribbon

Some new designs. I love the grosgrain dramatic and feminine. The choice of color helps to make the hearts not so fru fru. The ribbon is crisp and resilient, also easily ironed, after lots of wear it may get a little crinkly, but will not break or run.

Currently only available as custom order. Email me at for more information.
You can also visit the Copper Chameleon website for great gifts and to find more information about custom ordering.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fashion Photgraphy I Love

I have had a passion for fashion (rhyme)...and especially fashion photography, since I was a kid. I had thought perhaps I would pursue it when I went to college, then that changed and I became infatuated with metals.
Viewing these images inspire me to utilize the creativity in fashion photography more than the same old, same old white or gradient backgrouns for jewelry I am currently stuck in. A change is on its way!
These are some images that I really am drawn to, whether for their superior aesthetic qualities
or the simply bizarre nature. Enjoy!

FYI...the 1st photo with the America Steak:

On her right arm, from top: Faraone Mennella bracelet; Pomellato bracelet; Harry Winston bracelet; Cartier bracelets. On her left arm, from top: De Beers bracelet; Pomellato bracelet; Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet; Harry Winston bracelet; De Beers bracelet and ring.

Crazy...I love it!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sustainable Ideas...

There are several really exciting events going on through different organizations lately in Greensboro and surrounding areas with regards to the environment and sustainability. There are many ways to further educate ourselves in current eco-matters, here are a few that sound especially interesting to me:

The group Sustain Greensboro holds these great "Green Drinks" events every month. I have yet to attend, but am hoping to Wednesday Oct. 21.
It is a fun way to become acquainted with other like-minded folks with concern for our local environment and sustainability... having cocktails! The way I see it, you don't have to show up at your first quiet meeting feeling possibly a little out of place and awkward because you have not met anyone yet. :)

Wednesday, October 21
- Come check us out at the Green Bean Coffeehouse in downtown Greensboro (341 S. Elm St.). We will again be meeting from 5:30pm until about 7:30pm. Bring a name tag if you have one so people will know you are with Green Drinks. See you there!

Then there is the Sustainability @ UNCG committee:


To shape a legacy of ecological stewardship, social equity, and prosperity for future generations.


To identify and recommend responsible and sustainable practices in all aspects of our institutional culture, including operational activities, academic programs and community relationships.

They are offering a film series to shed light on the various facets of environmental dilemmas and ecological threats occurring all around us, everyday.

The next in the series:

Thursday, October 22, 6:30pm
Weatherspoon Art Museum

Presented by the UNCG Sustainability Committee, Weatherspoon Art Museum, Tate Street Coffee House, Sustainable Health Choices,the Sierra Club and Indelligence.
Weatherspoon Art Museum at Corner of Spring Garden and Tate Streets (UNCG), Greensboro, NC
336.334.5770,, email:

Addicted to Plastic

Reveals the history and worldwide scope of plastics pollution, investigates its toxicity and explores solutions.

Directed by Ian Connacher
Produced by Ian Connacher
Camera: Ian Connacher, Gad Reichman
Music Supervision: Oliver Johnson courtesy of the Hive
Editors: Martyn Iannece, Gad Reichman, Kevin Rollins

"A sobering must-see and needs to be shown at every educational level globally!" Dr. James M. Cervino, Visiting Scientist, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Department of Marine Chemistry

From styrofoam cups to artificial organs, plastics are perhaps the most ubiquitous and versatile material ever invented. No invention in the past 100 years has had more influence and presence than synthetics. But such progress has had a cost.

For better and for worse, no ecosystem or segment of human activity has escaped the shrink-wrapped grasp of plastic. Addicted To Plastic is a global journey to investigate what we really know about the material of a thousand uses and why there's so darn much of it. On the way we discover a toxic legacy, and the men and women dedicated to cleaning it up.

Addicted To Plastic is a point-of-view style documentary that encompasses three years of filming in 12 countries on 5 continents, including two trips to the middle of the Pacific Ocean where plastic debris accumulates. The film details plastic's path over the last 100 years and provides a wealth of expert interviews on practical and cutting edge solutions to recycling, toxicity and biodegradability. These solutions - which include plastic made from plants - will provide viewers with a new perspective about our future with plastic.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Amazing Cakes!

Check out these beautiful cakes by my friend Burgess.

Burgess and friend Shannon have a specialty cake business called Cakewalk in Portsmouth/Norfolk VA.

If you would like to order a cake from Cakewalk, call Burgess Hodges at (757) 735-7883 or Shannon Campbell at (757) 615-7391, and they will hook you up!

Look at the hibiscus cupcakes!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall 2009 - New Work

Fall is by far my favorite season, and to celebrate I am getting back into what I really love, one of a kind design!

Not that I will be putting a stop to production pieces, but I am focusing on letting the 2 progress side by side, keeping me busier, but happier.

Here are a few pieces I started the season with, more to come soon!

Check out my Flickr photostream via the link above!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Spring Updates

How is it already June? This past spring has been busy busy busy. With 4 trips to MD in about 5 weeks, I am ready to be home for a bit...of course that won't be the case.

This past spring has been rather productive for little old Copper Chameleon. With a handful of successful Jewelry Trunk Shows, an awesome fashion show in Philly, and a new business connection with a fabulous starting out company, Be Mom Couture - which I will be updating on as that journey progresses.
I am hoping to receive a video/recording of the Jewelry in Motion Fashion Show that was held at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, but have not yet, when I do I will definitely share!
I have a few photos I will post. Its was such a great experience, definitely inspiring me to move even more in the "runway fashion" direction. Modeling my work is my good friend Adrienne (aka Ace). Sharon Massey, another great friend, is modeling her amazing Elizabethan style collar.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Website Update

There are some new website updates, I'd like to share.

You will find new colors to choose from in all of the jewelry containing enameled elements.
There are new jewelry designs available (more to come too!!) If its been a while you will see the new layout and web design, also there are new photos of the work. There are even some new lower prices!

Of course there are also some new discount codes available for friends and family and those who have signed up for the email updates! Lucky you! Enter these codes at checkout. Feel free to pass this along to anyone who might love it!

spring10 - save 10% off entire order! (you can use this one multiple times)

spring20 - save 20% of entire order...thats a lot! (one time use)

I am starting to think about late summer jewelry parties, so keep that in mind if you are interested in hosting one July-September.

Take Care and follow the link below to see the new updates!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inaugural Fashion

There has been much criticism on the fashion displayed on inauguration day. I realize that fashion is not nearly as important as the historical and political significance of the occasion, but interesting all the same.

I personally loved all of it. I really liked Jill Bidens tall boots and grey dress, however I could not find any images of it. Any opinion you'd like to share?
Michelle Obamas yellow dress was as some say "a little mother of the brideish", but I think thats what the occasion calls for, the strange color looked awesome on her, and with her height, she can pull off most anything. The girls looked adorable.
Once again I know fashion is not important in the big picture, but its refreshing to see what great style they all have. I love the fact that Michelle is very into small designers, people who are just getting out there. Hopefully that will set a trend for people seeking out new hidden talent.
Oh and only Aretha could make that hat look as fabulous as it did!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Website update, wholesale inquiry

Some items have been updated on the Copper Chameleon official website. You may notice some changes in the prices, this is all due to some market research, and new wholesale opportunities. There is a current discount code you can enter when checking out to save 10% off the entire order. The code is so creatively named - Copper. Just enter the word Copper for the discount to apply!

I am currently seeking possible shops/boutiques to send my wholesale catalogue to. If anyone knows of a suitable location, near or far, please let me know...thanks!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Local Events to check out in all different localities.

Well its time to take down the Christmas tree,or it should be, i most likely won't get around to it until tomorrow or Sunday. That's my least favorite part, putting everything away, the glow of the tree (ours really glows) is so nice and cozy, but our living room is so tiny, it will be good to have the space back.

First Friday Greensboro Downtown

Here are some more cool local events (well local for various people):

  1. At the Atheneum in Old Town Alexandria, this is the last weekend for this event, try to go, or tell people about it (Amber, you would like this, and of course Kristin would, it supports the nature conservancy)

    November 13 - January 4 in the gallery: Protected Landscapes

    Paintings of The Nature Conservancy Preserves by The Washington Society of Landscape Painters 20% of all sales benefit The Nature Conservancy. Go to link for more info and exact location
  2. Well OC is truly dead right now, which is probably nice. It seems as though things will pick up in Feb. This website has good info on Delmarva Art and Music type events. There's an art league show:
    Exhibit. 94 West Co-op Group Show.
    Starting Date: 01/03/2009
    Time: Tues.-Thurs. 11 am – 4 pm; Fri.-Sun. 1-4 pm. Reception: Jan. 3, 3-5 pm.
    Location: Art League of Ocean City, 94th Street (under the Water Tower), Ocean City
    Contact Information: Call 410-524-9433 for information
  3. As for Catie out in SF...I'm way jealous, you should really...really go to this show, its not this weekend, but it starts at the end of January, its a show based on new Scandinavian design. It look awesome! First there's this cool Slow Food Nation Event too: As we explore Imagining Our Future, YBCA is proud to feature the art and activism of Slow Food Nation, a nonprofit subsidiary of Slow Food USA, in the Room for Big Ideas (RBI). Slow Food Nation organizes events to introduce the community to issues in the food system and the need to bring more citizens good, clean and fair food. Join the creators of the Slow Food Nation RBI Annex Project, celebrate the “Slow” life, and experience how to build community through the promotion of sustainable and holistic food systems in which aspects of human culture such as music, art, and dance are integrated with the agricultural arts of food production, the environment and human wellness and culture.
    Irreverent: Contemporary Nordic Craft Art
    Jan 23–Apr 12, 2009

    OPENING NIGHT PARTY: Thursday, Jan 22, 2009, 6–9 pm »

    Using traditional materials and honoring the hand-made traditions, but divorcing form from function, a new generation of craft artists from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland are challenging the sleek aesthetic of Scandinavian modernist design and turning instead to camp and intricacy.
  4. As for us down in Greensboro, tonight is First Friday, which means retail locations and galleries in downtown Greensboro will stay open later. Lyndon Street Artworks (where I have my studio) will be open, with live demos on the stage and light refreshments available. This is only my 2nd one, so I'm not certain what will be going on, but it should be fun. Check out the flyer for more info, or just to see what its all about

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ringing in the New Year...

...with a tink tink tink tink.... in your ear. That is of course the most popular noise, other than NPR or the Avett Brothers, that you will hear pouring out of my tiny studio which is located at Lyndon Street Artworks in Greensboro North Carolina.
I am a metalsmith/metals artist/silver smith/ jewelry designer/fashion designer...or some combination of that. My company, Copper Chameleon, which is still a wee little bud, is ringing in the new year by starting a Blog (woo-hoo), among other new approaches and ideas for design, marketing and overall mission of Copper Chameleon.
This Blog, named for the sole motivating entity, which as of late, has begun to take over my own personal identity, hopes to be a tool, think tank, brain storming cyclone type thing for anyone really, fellow artists, or myself. All in relation to Fashion, past and present, jewelry of course, from methods to mining issues, and a little food, fun and frivolity with a bit of frugality, after all we are all affected by this nasty, biting recession.
I figured I would keep it broad, this way no one can be annoyed if I happen to go off track a bit.