Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Be the best gift giver of them all with Copper Chameleon Jewelry

With the Holidays somehow already upon us once again, you may be asking yourself..."how can I really get the most bang for my buck while also being the best gift giver of all?"

The answer you will find lies with local artists. Not only do you support your local economy this way, but the thought behind picking out a one of a kind, possibly customized piece of artwork will totally impress the recipient.
Another pair of slippers from Target or this...

The size of the box may be smaller, but the fashion and fun far exceeds the fuzzy feet.
You pick the colors, 1 for each side. Shown in Russet Brown and Peacock Blue with a gunmetal chain. Color samples below. Sterling silver and yellow gold-filled chain also available. Only $42!!!

www.copperchameleon.com, www.brittanysondberg.com